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This Page is For Listia Auction Winners Who have Won and have a Unpaid PayPal Invoice

My Listia Combined Shipping Discount Rules:
You must Tell me you won more than one Auction or you are bidding on other auctions that will be won within 24 Hours of each other prior to paying the Shipping Invoice. The first Item Full Price 2nd / 3rd / Additional Items Up to 40% off. The First Item is whatever the most expensive or the largest Item to Ship not the First Item you Won. However the Shipping Discount goes down as time goes by so if you wait a week to pay the Shipping it will be back to almost full price unless paid ASAP so basically unless you tell me when you are intending to pay your Invoice. Your combined shipping Discount will lose 10% of its discount value Daily. Combined shipping discounts are not required by Listia and done to promote more auction bids and save multiple auction winners on shipping cost, but if you are rude or thought to be a possible future problem then this discount policy may not apply to you thank you and have a great week! 

 Listia Auction Shipping Policy:
It is best to pay your Invoice ASAP Listia Allows 7 day, If not paid within 7 days of winning the Auction, or you give me a exact time you will be paying it within reason your item will be re-auctioned and you forfeit your win and credits. Buyer / Winner is responsible for any and all shipping charges. I suggest the Sooner the Better for quicker processing of Your Order. Orders will be processed and shipper printed within 24 hours of payment it will be dropped off at the Post Office on Monday or Friday Unless It is a Get It Now or I have a Expedited Order From Amazon or one of my other selling Location or this website. Most Auctions end Saturday so If you pay ASAP Your Order will Ship Monday Morning. Some End in the Middle of the week and will ship on Friday If any item is Received Damaged take Photos of Damaged package and Item and send it to within 24 Hours so It can be submitted to USPS for Insurance Claim and replacement, in Some cases the item will have to be taken to the Post office or Returned prior to replacement failure to due so will void replacement of the damaged item.

You May Add item's to your Current Invoice of Items won on Listia with little or no additional shipping charges to do so now Use the Order Form Above or E-Mail Support by clicking Contact Support at the top of the page and we will update your invoice do not pay your invoice until the item or items have been added and you receive a updated Invoice and you verify all items listed on the Invoice are correct. 
(This must be done Prior to paying your Invoice)  

As a Listia Auction Winner you can add anything from the pages below to your current PayPal Invoice with low or no additional shipping Charges just pay the really low sale price for the Additional Items Selected this only Applies to Items added from this Site not Items Won at Listia

Simply Click on Image to view all items available




Simply Click on Image to view all items available 

  End of $1 Shipping Offer

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